•  Pre-sales
•  Offer production proposal according to interactive communication;
•  Customized layout drawing and foundation drawing

•  Commissioning and installation
•  Offer cable list; clients provide air compressor and tubes;
•  Cooperate in machines installation;
•  Before commissioning, train clients' electrical engineers to know circuit and commissioning method very well.
•  During commissioning, train operators to know operation methods and troubleshooting methods.
•  After finishing commissioning, test running and production result.

•  After-sales Service
•  1+3 service (1: one year quality guarantee, 3: one mechanical engineer, one electrical engineer and one sales), provide after    sales service and permanent technical support.
•  Visit customers regularly to check machines running result and give some technical supports.
•  Offer customized service and gives solutions to the problems.
•  24hrs hot line

•  Others
•  Offer spare parts at their best prices
•  Offer drawing for spare parts
•  Update software and offer machine maintenance proposal
•  Set up after sales service files.

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